Keep Climbing that Mountain

woman in a karate gi in fighting stance.

Bodily Intimidation Last night I went to karate in glacier-mode. A glacier is a good analogy for times when I look like I have great potential to move, but I feel slow-moving and rigid. I tried to push through by jumping around and attempting various basic moves in the dance studio where we have taken … Read more Keep Climbing that Mountain

Independent Living

clear blue sky with a small fluffy white cloud and sunlight beaming in from the right.

Moving On Alone I’ve put off writing about this for some time. It’s tricky. I have wanted to work it through in my head but I don’t want to upset anyone with what I say. I’m going to write about my recent decision to do something many people have thought is ridiculous, rash, stupid and … Read more Independent Living

Positive Affirmations

reads - the pen is mightier than the sword.

Positive Affirmations Emma wrote recently about Mohammad Ali and how it created her own motivational mantra. How positive affirmations helped her feel some much better day to day. I used to think that mantras were just for the hippies. The brown rice and sandals brigade. (Disclaimer – I own both brown rice and sandals) However … Read more Positive Affirmations

A Day in the Life – Emma

emma in a singlet and leggings perfoming a high karate kick

A Day in the Life – Emma Woke up, got out of bed, took a bunch of dopamine. Living with Parkinson’s sometimes involves some crazy swings and roundabouts in energy, and general feelings of wellbeing. Yesterday I gave a good demonstration of how suddenly and shockingly I can crash. I was making pancakes for lunch, … Read more A Day in the Life – Emma