woman leaning forward looking purposeful with her right arm in a salute at her forehead.

Time Waits For None

I’ve been thinking a lot about time. It’s something that exists and does not exist. A construct of humankind to measure ourselves and give meaning. Yet it moves forward, always, and we are carried along in this stream marking our path and filling our days with what we feel is productive activity.

Learning I had Parkinson’s made me think that perhaps I might not have as much time as I first thought. Happily Wikipedia was incorrect when I first read its article on Parkinson’s way back in 2016. It cheerily decreed that the average life expectancy following diagnosis was between 5 and 10 years. It’s on the internet, is it not true? Thanks stupid Wikipedia. I also now know that Parkinson’s should not adversely affect my lifespan, but it could well hamper my ability to enjoy life to the full.

We always think there’ll be a ‘later’. We can do this when we’re older, when the kids are a bit bigger, when we retire.

Do them now.


woman leaning forward looking purposeful with her right arm in a salute at her forehead.
Here's looking at you! Take Action!

Regardless of your health, wealth or even your physical ability, get out there and live. The one thing I have learned as I get older is that life is too short and so many people seem to hold regret. I don’t want to regret a thing. Well, maybe that awful corkscrew perm I had back in the 1980’s…

People with Parkinson’s are often told to live in the ‘now’. We need to wear the best clothes from the back of the wardrobe, choose the pretty shoes (that goes for you men too) and dance (and sing) like nobody’s watching. I refuse to believe that I have to slow down, stop being crazy or be more sensible. If anything, this has taught me to love people around me, do the craziest things and try to have as much fun as possible.

At a time when I’m finding being happy very difficult, I think about my StepMum and know that she would wholeheartedly agree.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and live it!

Until next time, Kitty.

clear blue sky and the branches of a tree in full blossom.
Take time to smell the flowers, or admire the trees.
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Kiity Fitton - usually up to mischief.

Kitty Fitton is a motivational speaker, MC and comedian. She is also a full-time blogger and writer. She is mother to four small people and was very cross to discover she had Parkinson’s Disease.

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Emma Kyriacou. Quite good at hitting things.

Emma Kyriacou is a real-life ninja. Taking up Karate to help fight her Parkinson’s Disease, she’s co-founder of Good Moves and is passionate about promoting exercise to improve mobility and neuroplasticity. (Is that a word? It should be.)

Find out more at her personal site below. 

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