Reality Check

I saw this week that a podcast I helped out with was shared as part of the run up to World Brain Day. I don’t know what World Brain Day is, but anything that helps promote science for the betterment of humankind is a good thing in my book. I was described as a comedian and blogger. I read the words and felt a twist of guilt.

I’ve not done any comedy in a long time. It’s difficult to create and harder still to find “my” audience here in New Zealand. Open mic nights are around, but my kind of comedy doesn’t suit the teens and twenty-somethings in the crowd. You need to talk about sex, swear a lot and be lewd and rude. I’m not saying that these things can’t be funny, but a 40- plus woman talking about kids and moving house is not very relatable for them. My audience is at home with their family. It’s tough and right now I need to think of other things.

Which brings me nicely to my next point. My blogging. If you read this often you will know that my entries are at best sporadic. I would love to write so much more but again finding time around all my other commitments is so hard. (This whole thing is in danger of turning into a pity-party but please bear with me.)

I have four children and no husband. That last bit is kind of my own fault but there you go. I am responsible for ensuring they are fed properly, are clothed, shod and most importantly, feel secure, happy and valued. I took a job two months ago. My time is no longer my own Monday-Thursday then I need to parent etc. Fridays I still have work for my small business, it takes up most of the day. My weekends are spent at sport or simply trying to catch up with day to day chores such as cleaning etc. Fun fun fun!

Then there’s Parkinson’s. Creeping, endless, terrifying and never leaving me alone. Just after I had Covid I stuffed up my knee somehow. Well. I was doing yoga. So much for exercise is good for you. Climbing stairs hurt. Exercise is difficult. I realised I hadn’t regularly exercised in a month. I did some last night. I don’t enjoy it.

It helped.

I felt immediately stronger, my limbs moved more easily. I felt great.

One more thing to find time for? Yes. But if you take away nothing else please take this. Exercise, exercise, exercise! It’s great, feels good- no – amazing- and helps kick Parkinson’s in the butt.

I’m guilty of struggling to find time for many things. It doesn’t mean I’m not still a comedian or a blogger, it’s just occasionally on hold whilst my real life unfolds around me. I have bills to pay like everyone else, and nobody is throwing cash at me. So work it is. Exercise and from time to time I write.

I’m inspired to go cycling this morning.

Until next time.

Who is this person anyway?

Kitty Fitton is a motivational speaker, MC and comedian. She is also a full-time blogger and writer. She is mother to four small people and was very cross to discover she had Parkinson’s Disease.

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