man in black leathers riding a red motorcycle.

Wait… What? Surprise! Remember me? I know. It’s been a really long time. You know when people say they have good reasons to be absent? Oh my, I have the best. No really I do. I haven’t just been a bit busy, I’ve been wrangling with some serious stuff. I have it all. Drama, excitement, … Read more Surprise!

Keep Climbing that Mountain

woman in a karate gi in fighting stance.

Bodily Intimidation Last night I went to karate in glacier-mode. A glacier is a good analogy for times when I look like I have great potential to move, but I feel slow-moving and rigid. I tried to push through by jumping around and attempting various basic moves in the dance studio where we have taken … Read more Keep Climbing that Mountain

Pain Sucks – The Living With Parkinson’s Blog

emma dressed in black squatting on a tree log in a field against a blue sky with a wooden fence in the background.

Pain Sucks Hey, well I…oh, I’m still alive. Sorry I’m a child of the 90s, I can’t help quoting Pearl Jam lyrics. It’s still my internal sound-track, although the grunge era (and my teens) are well over. But being alive is feeling pretty good even though I dropped down to a low ebb this week. … Read more Pain Sucks – The Living With Parkinson’s Blog

I Hate Exercise – The Living With Parkinson’s Blog

woman in a garden with arms outstretched kneeling down in a yoga pose.

I Hate Exercise I hate exercise. This morning I got up, ate my usual breakfast of five tablets and started doing yoga. I do it first. (Well, I visit the bathroom. Too much information?!) I have to do it first else I won’t do it.  There I was, trying to copy the exceedingly bendy woman … Read more I Hate Exercise – The Living With Parkinson’s Blog