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I missed my anniversary this year. Not a fun anniversary, like a meeting, or wedding, no, no no. This was my Parkinson’s anniversary. It flew past on Facebook, in those memory things they put up. “and so begins my nine-tablet a day habit” I’d written. There were of course all the usual comments underneath, from well-meaning friends all making sympathetic noises. Things like “Goodness! That’s lot!” (Insert laughing emoji here) Or “You’ll be rattlling soon!” Hm.

Five years later and it’s risen to thirteen. Fourteen when I need an extra hit on an evening. As I explained to my neurologist “I’m not dead yet, I still enjoy going out on an evening.” People still think I take a lot of tablets. Knowing what I do about Parkinson’s, whilst I hope it stays like this a while, I know different. That’s not a self-pitying self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s simply pragmatic honesty. It’s highly likely the number will rise.

How do I feel about this? Well firstly as I sit at my table typing this, feeling my left hand not performing as well as my right (yet I persevere and force it to operate, knowing my meds will kick in soon) I am both complacent and I guess a little resigned. Yet also a tiny bit hopeful.

Kitty Fitton
Let me explain. My Parkinson’s nurse will get very cross with me if she reads this but I like to be honest here. To me, if I need medication I will take it. Let’s get that clear. However, if I don’t need extra medication, that means (in my mind at least) that I have not got any worse. There are lots of reasons I may get worse, but one is not exercising enough. I haven’t been doing that either, for lots of reasons. None of them are really good enough. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Dear reader, I’m going to vow to get back on that bandwagon.

I guess the other reason is that I’m stubborn. I take things on and refuse help because I am proud and want to prove that I’m still as strong as I always was. Even if I’m not. (But I am!)
What I can tell you though is that Parkinson’s has spurred me on. It has made me take a long look at my life and do what I can to improve it. Five years ago I was married and living in a big house in a desirable area. Now I am separated and in a much, much smaller home in an inconvenient spot for my children’s schools and my house shakes a little when a freight train passes.

However, I have done more in this past 12 months than I did in the last 17 of marriage.
I won’t listen to reasons why I should not do things any more, I just do them. It does not matter if I am scared, I will give it a go. If my body threatens to let me down, I steel myself and try regardless. If I look ungainly and foolish, at least I’m not lying on the couch bemoaning how little fun I have.

I’ve taken my children sledging on a mountain, swimming in rivers, I’ve jumped off huge rocks, explored tracks, swam in lakes, clambered over rocks and bought a little caravan for more adventures.

Whatever is ahead I will face it with a smile and determination. And a large back pocket of medications!

Until next time, Kitty.

Until next time, Kitty.

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Kiity Fitton – usually up to mischief.

Kitty Fitton is a motivational speaker, MC and comedian. She is also a full-time blogger and writer. She is mother to four small people and was very cross to discover she had Parkinson’s Disease.

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Kitty Fitton

Emma Kyriacou. Quite good at hitting things.

Emma Kyriacou is a real-life ninja. Taking up Karate to help fight her Parkinson’s Disease, she’s co-founder of Good Moves and is passionate about promoting exercise to improve mobility and neuroplasticity. (Is that a word? It should be.)

Find out more at her personal site below.

Emma Kyriacou



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